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of renewable energy systems since 1999


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Ecolution has been providing renewable energy solutions to commercial and residential clients and the building sector for more than 15 years. Our team has more than 100 years combined experience in integrated renewable energy technologies, so each and every project we work on benefits from an integrated service tailored based upon our specialist expertise.

Our professional 360º service incorporates advice, bespoke design, tailored integration, installation and maintenance, providing you with the service and support to ensure a successful installation every time.

We are also proud to offer our customers a range of tailored finance packages, these include FIT for free, higher purchase, crowd/community funding, to name a few. 

The Ecolution Group consists of three businesses: Ecolution Renewables, which installs renewable energy solutions, Ecolution Energy Services, which provides monitoring and maintenance for existing Photovoltaic systems and Ecolution Products, providing a range of solar and PV products to the trade.

At Ecolution Renewables, we design and install PV and Solar Thermal systems for clients across the whole construction sector, including residential, commercial, retail, education, agriculture and public sector. Our bespoke solutions are ideal for organisations and companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint or benefit from the PV feed-in tariff, giving them a competitive edge in their sector.

As Ecolution Energy Services, we help our customers maintain their current energy management systems, whether installed by us or not. We offer intuitive remote meter products, carbon reduction programmes and energy consumption reporting for both homes and businesses and we specialise in retrofitting monitors to existing PV schemes for housing associations, local authorities and landlords.

Whether you require an energy solution from scratch or need faultless monitoring and maintenance, Ecolution has the knowledge and expertise to deliver superior solutions for your energy needs.



Integrated Solar and Renewable Energy Systems


Ecolution Athletes - March 2015 Update

Ecolution have been sponsoring eight long distance runners, on their journey to success. We have been there to support them and it has been a joy watching their progress, so we thought it was worth shouting about. Each month we will be posting updates on the Athletes progress in their training and competitions.

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Ecolution Supporting Comic Relief 2015

Help support Comic Relief 2015 today with Ecolution

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Car fleet replaced with electric and hybrid

We are gradually replacing our diesel company car fleet with both electric and hybrid vehicles.

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Solar and Renewables News


The next Government in power must encourage solar

Are you still indecisive on which party you want in power? Aren’t we all, but one thing is for sure is that they need to encourage solar energy if it is going to achieve it potential and reach grid parity.

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Open Utility secures crucial funding for peer-to-peer renewables marketplace

The first peer-to-peer online marketplace for renewable electricity has secured nearly half a million pounds in funding.

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European Union plans power ‘supergrid’

The European Union is planning an electricity ‘supergrid’, which would connect all twenty eight member states.

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Solar energy innovations

The Guardian has put together a list of some of the best solar energy innovations in the world, revealing the sheer diversity of the renewables industry and the creativity of its best minds.

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Green Investment Bank announces community funding

The UK Green Investment Bank (GIB) has created new funding for community-scale renewables projects.

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Could the world be 100% solar?

‘Could the world be 100% solar?’ is the question posed by a new infographic.

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Farm creates 43,000kWh a year with solar panels

Ecolution, a leader in the design and installation of renewable systems, has installed a solar PV system at Birling farm in Kent to subsidise its high energy consumption during summer months.

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European Union reaches 2020 emissions target

The European Union has met its 2020 goals for reducing emissions and has drawn up new targets for 2030.

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Advantages of East-West orientation for rooftop solar systems

The trend for South-facing PV systems could diminish if installers opt for East-West orientation.

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How can Feed-in Tariffs be more business friendly?

The Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme is a fantastic way to encourage homeowners and businesses to get something back from being environmentally friendly. The scheme pays people who generate their own green energy through a renewable installation, making it a worthwhile investment.

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